Xi Jinping will accept an unprecedented third term as president of China on Oct. 16. What does this really mean for the future of the country? What will be the impact on the minorities under the CCP Regime and the countries that are in a stranglehold by the China Debt Trap.

Along with their Debt Trap, Industrial espionage and their Confucius Institutes worldwide, it is a real and growing threat to our academic freedom, economic prosperity and democratic values worldwide…

Together with Postversa VZW, World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue and the European Association for the Defense of Minorities, we are requesting a demonstration:

10 a.m.: Schuman Square
Speech of about 15 minutes
10:15 a.m.: March to the Chinese embassy
11:15 a.m.: Speech in front of the Chinese embassy
12:15 a.m.: End of the first part

1 p.m.: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China - static demonstration, slogans, flyers....
2 p.m.: end of demonstration

STOP China Debt Trap
STOP illegal collection of DNA testing on Tibetan and Uyghur Children
STOP re-education camps for minorities
STOP violation of child, and human rights
STOP child labor (NIKE, Zara...)
STOP organs industry
STOP eradicate Buddhism and other beliefs

Invitation to cooperate:
Tibetan community
Uyghur community
Mongolian community
Sri Lanka community
And more to be announced…

more Info will folow on this Facebook event: