With this event - China Debt Trap (see explanation below) -, in the form of an (inter)national press conference, the organizers : World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue; EADM and Hiking 4 Children, want to demonstrate the dangers in our global democratic and economic society of the Chinese Government.

This through a debate with observations of their strategic approach to use financial resources (strangling contracts), customarily in developing countries, to slowly but surely expand their power worldwide.

Live Speakers:
- Monica Andrei (International Programme Manager, working for European Commission)
- Paulo Casaca - Democratic Forum for South Asia, former EP
- Andy Vermaut - President Postversa, President World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue, AIDL (ECOSOC)
- Manel Msalmi (EP and European Association for the Defense of Minorities, President MR Women Brussels)
-David Vander Maelen - Hiking for Children, Tibet Support Group Belgium
-Sid Lukkassen, Author and political philosopher
-Eliyar Jan Tursun, Indepedent Human Rights Activist
-Razvan Hoinaru, policy consultant former IFRS Permanent Team of the European Parliament

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